Lawn Aeration Eagle MI

Almost everyone is familiar with a few of the basics of lawn care. Obviously, everyone knows that adequate watering is needed. All plant life also benefits from adequate sunlight. And they know that periodic lawn fertilization is necessary to make up for potential deficiencies in the soil. However, there is another task that is often not thought of by the layman. Yet, it is just as critical. What makes it so important is that it is what enables the grass to better take in the water and fertilizer that it is fed. If a significant percentage runs off the top of the soil, instead of getting to the roots, then the turf will be deficient of both water and nutrients. The measure that prevents this from happening is lawn aeration. This should be done at least once per year, and many lawns may need it twice. For those who live in the surrounding region of Eagle, the staff at Lawn Tech would be honored to receive your call to perform this most important job.

Inevitably, over time, the soil in your yards will become compacted. While rainfall is in obvious ways beneficial to your lawn, over the long term, it also contributes to the compaction of the topsoil. Also, the more frequently the yard is walked over, the faster compaction will occur. The rate of compaction will also vary with the type of soil.

The effects of lawn aeration are invaluable. It loosens the soil, relieving its compaction. This enables water and nutrients to permeate through to the roots much easier. Loose soil also means that earthworms will have a much simpler time navigating through and do their job turning the soil from beneath the surface. The holes in the grass also make room to plant new seed inside. Overseeding is highly recommended after each aeration.

The best times to perform lawn aeration are the fall and/or the spring. This is when the grass is growing most actively, and the loosening of the soil will give the grass its needed nutrients during this time, and deepening its roots. The ripe conditions for growth also means that the subsequent overseeding of the lawn will result in the new grass coming up more rapidly, thickening out the lawn and thus making far less room and opportunity for weeds to take hold.

There are two basic ways to aerate a lawn. There is spike aeration, and core aeration. Here at Lawn Tech, we opt for core aeration. Where spike aeration makes a hole by stabbing in and pushing the dirt to the sides, making it less compact in the hole area, but perhaps more compact around the hole, core aeration removes quarter sized plugs of soil from the lawn and lets it sit on top, enabling it to go back in by settling. The removal of plugs give a truer and uniform loosening. We use a combination of riding aerators for the large spaces, and the smaller push equipment for narrower areas of the yard and landscape. We also clean up after ourselves. Any plugs that may have made it to the sidewalk or other hardscape walkways will be removed before we leave. 

If it has been more than a year since your last aeration and overseeding, we highly recommend you do not wait another. The results of our aeration work will show in the thickness, color, and growth of your lawn. Lawn Tech has beautified many yards around the Eagle area with this all-important service. Call us or visit our contact page to schedule your next aeration.