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DeWitt, located in Clinton County, was the first of its communities. Located north of the state capital, Lansing, it is a small but bustling city in the greater metropolitan area. With a substantial residential area and a small downtown full of small businesses, Lawn Tech is delighted to serve this vicinity with our lawn care, tree and plant care, and pest control services. The hardworking residents of this city are deserving of healthy, vibrant properties that reflect the spirit of this locale.

The city of DeWitt, ironically, was named after a governor of the state of New York, DeWitt Clinton, as is the county in which it resides. The reason behind the namesake is his part in the building of the Erie Canal. Originally settled in 1833, it was officially incorporated three short years later, on March 23, 1836, as a township. The city we know today is only a fraction of the area of the original township, with land being partitioned off to form several other small townships and cities. However, it is considerably more populous, with a current residency of 4,507 people as reported at the 2010 census, living over an area of 2.99 square miles, 0.13 of which is water. DeWitt sits beside the Looking Glass River, a 71 mile tributary of the Grand River. Many sections of the river are friendly to fishing and canoeing. Within Clinton County, there is also the Looking Glass Sanctuary, which is a nature preserve covering 13 acres. In it is a forest area, wetlands, a prairie, and many animal species available for recreational or educational observation, including sandhill cranes. The forest area is inhabited by a diverse species of trees, including majestic sized oaks.

The city of DeWitt has its own independent public school system, consisting of an early childhood center, three elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. For a mixture of education and entertainment, the DeWitt District Library offers learning materials from books to Internet to DVDs. It also hosts a variety of educational classes and events, some of which are geared towards children like Family Storytime, where songs, poems, and stories are shared with the group.

The six city parks in DeWitt cater to a variety of relaxation, recreational, and fitness activities, and have a variety of amenities such as picnic tables, grills, and electricity, Pavilions and gazebos are also available for rent for events and gatherings. The parks are McGuire, Sports Park, which has a soccer field along with two softball fields, River Trail Park, Riverside, Memorial, and the All Kids Playground. Each of the parks has a mixed natural scenery of wooded areas along with open green fields, which are a perfect setting for relaxation or nature watching. With Lawn Tech at your service, you can have a smaller replica of this beauty on your own property. 

In the year 2000, the city also completed and opened a pedestrian and bicycle path along their road system for walkers and cyclists, making this small town more friendly to non-motorized transportation.

DeWitt is proud of the beauty of its flora within the community, and the National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized it as a Tree City because of its commitment to preserving its forest areas. In addition, in an effort to promote friendship with people in other nations, it has a sister city agreement with Konan, Japan.