Lawn Care Eagle MI

The most visible investment every homeowner has to the outside world is their home and living property. In order to keep the value of your living space high, it has to be well maintained. The importance of the appearance of your landscape should not be underestimated. For the vast majority of homeowners, the lawn is the largest part of this. It needs to consistently be given two basic things – proper nutrition, and protection against threats. If you are anywhere near the Eagle, Michigan area, Lawn Tech is a leader in providing home and business owners with the best products, skill, and vigilance.

Lawn Tech’s lawn care program is carried out in six steps throughout the year. We stimulate your turf to grow upon its awakening from dormancy after the end of winter. During the spring, summer, and autumn, we aim to keep that growth cycle while fending off pests such as weeds who seek to grow and displace your grass by stealing its nutrients. As fall ends, we do not forget the equally important job of preparing your grass for its winter’s nap, ensuring it will wake up in a strong position for the next year. Under the watchful eye of our staff, the application of our nutritious fertilizer, and our effective weed control lawn treatment will ensure a thick, lush lawn year after year. This is our strategy:
● The first lawn treatment will consist solely of an application of a slow release granular fertilizer. This feeding encourages the growth and activity of the roots, enabling your grass to get a head start against potential weed threats. This takes place in early spring, right after the thaw.

● In our second visit, your lawn will receive a combination of liquid and granular fertilization products. This will provide it with even more nutrients as the temperatures moderate and grass becomes more active. It is at this time that we lay down the first weed control application – a pre-emergent product for crabgrass and other early growing weeds. This takes place in later spring.

● The third treatment, done as the weather warms, in early summer, will be a round of granular fertilizer. This dose of nutrients will be helpful to combat the stress of the incoming hot temperatures. The blanket weed control application from late spring should have taken care of virtually all the weeds, so only spot control may be necessary at this time.

● Our fourth visit, in late summer, will be somewhat similar to the third treatment. A slow release fertilizer will be applied along with spot control of weeds. At this time, we also apply a post-emergent weed control product as well.

●The fifth visit may be the most critical of all. As autumn arrives, and temperatures start to cool, and growth becomes more active, we apply fertilizer to promote even deeper root growth, which enables your grass to better take in nutrients, making it very strong and naturally resistant to external threats. At this time, liquid weed control to combat broadleaf and prevent dandelions from taking hold in the spring is laid down.

●The sixth and last visit, just before winter, will consist of a slow release fertilizer, which will hold your grass over during the dormant season.

Our methods, employees, and products have resulted in reliable success for many years, for countless customers around the region of Eagle. Visit our contact page or call us today for a healthy, vigorous lawn.