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The bulk of the city of East Lansing, not to be confused with the state’s capital, resides within the northwest area of Ingham County. A small portion is located within the southwest of Clinton County. Lawn Tech is eager to increase our foothold in this region of Mid-Michigan. This large suburb of Lansing has a long history of being involved in the cultivation of plant life, and Lawn Tech is a leader in the region of this industry. We wish to supply the residents of East Lansing with the best lawn care the area has to offer.

The Pottawatomi and Fox Native American tribes used this land long before the coming of European settlers for hunting, fishing, and trading. After the arrival of the Europeans in 1847, and their establishment of a formal settlement, a toll road that was made to connect Detroit and the newly declared capital, Lansing ran through this area, facilitating its growth. Two years after the completion of the toll road, the institution that served as a real boost for the area was the creation of the state’s agricultural college, none other than Michigan State University. The new university grew along with the town, and today has 15 colleges with over 44,000 students in attendance in a given year. One of these prestigious avenues of study is its turf program, which many of the staff here at Lawn Tech have gone through. Our customers can stand reassured that we have been educated in a world-class institution of learning, and we seek to continually expand on our knowledge.

Interestingly enough, despite its growth, it took more than five decades after the establishment of Michigan State University and 60 years after its formal settling to become officially incorporated as a city, receiving its charter in 1907. Today, the city of East Lansing covers 13.67 square miles of area, with 0.08 square miles of water. Its population is 48,579 as of the 2010 census. 

With the presence of a large university, comes the culture associated with it. East Lansing is a true college town, complete with bistros, bars, cafes, and reasonably priced restaurants with a wide range of culinary origins. The downtown layout revolves around Grand River Avenue. The road is lined with several species of trees, many of the kinds that the staff of Lawn Tech look after on the properties of some of its residents. Bordering the downtown area are fraternity and sorority houses, along with housing for students who choose to not reside in the dorms of Michigan State. North of the student section of town is the residential area, and the further north, the newer the neighborhoods.

The Red Cedar River flows through East Lansing, and through the campus of Michigan State. Named for the heavy presence of red cedars around the water, it is a tributary of the Grand River. This is a popular spot for kayaking and canoeing, and also swimming. Though many fish make their home in this 51 mile tributary, fishing is banned on the campus of the university.

The beautiful scenery of East Lansing fittingly has more than 20 community parks, which vary in their amenities. Some are more oriented towards children, such as Ehinger Park, with picnic tables and playgrounds. Others, such as Albert A. White Memorial Park, are more sports oriented, having baseball and softball fields. Others are geared towards fitness and nature, like Abbot Road Park, having cross-country skiing trails and a hiking trail.