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Lansing, the capital of the great state of Michigan, has a storied history. It has undergone tremendous expansion since its founding days, from its becoming the state capital, to the influx of the auto industry, to the diversification of the culture and economy. Lawn Tech is proud to be one of the businesses that serves the people of this city, keeping the properties of residents and business owners eye-appealing to everyone that passes by, giving them a great first impression. We look forward to many more years of service to each of our customers in the state’s capital, and would love to add you to our list.

The first formal settlement established in what is now Lansing was in 1835, 45 years after the area was first spotted by the Europeans. It was then an area of very dense forestland. Interestingly, perhaps uniquely so among state capitals, it was declared so even before its formal incorporation as a city. In 1847, the decision was made to move the capital away from Detroit to a more central area of the city, the concern being that Detroit was directly across the river to Canada, which was still under British control. The indecision and political infighting between the advocates for the leading candidate cities led to Lansing being chosen abruptly out of frustration. At the time of the decision, there were only 20 people living in the unincorporated settlement. Growth of the area took off after the declaration, and merely three years later, there were 1,299 people. Yet, Lansing would not be officially incorporated into a city until 1859. The city has since grown into 36.7 square miles, with a population of 114,297 as of the 2010 census. 

Lansing’s public school district contains 11 elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools. There are also several private schools, including four academies, such as the Wexford Montessori. In terms of higher education, Lansing has within its borders a veterinary school, along with two nursing schools, law schools, and medical school programs. It is no surprise that the Library of Michigan also resides within the state’s capital. 

Being directly west of East Lansing, which is home to an agricultural university, it is no surprise that every summer the city is teemed with farmer’s markets at all areas. The largest of these is the Lansing City Market, which operates year round in a new facility located downtown right on the Grand River. Over 30 vendors are available for trade.

There are several museums within the city. Two of the most notable are the Impression 5 Science Center, which is geared towards children. It is an excellent facility to get your child interested in a variety of sciences through their eye-catching exhibits. Another is the R.E. Olds Transportation Museum, which serves as an information hub to the largest industry in Michigan, the automobile.

In addition to the automotive industry, Lansing is a cultural center for music of many genres. There is the Lansing Symphony Orchestra, which has been in operation since 1929. Lansing also plays host to many musical events throughout the year such as the Old Town Bluesfest, the Lansing Jazzfest, and the Common Ground Festival, which lasts an entire week in the month of July. 

Lansing’s artistic culture does not stop at music. Theater and dance also has a large foothold in the city, with several drama companies operating within such as the Riverwalk Theatre, Peppermint Creek Theatre Company, Happendance, the Greater Lansing Ballet Company, and more.