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The small city of St. Johns is packed with residents who care about their town, and their homes. It has a small, but vibrant downtown area, along with beautiful neighborhoods. Lawn Tech is proud to say that we can do our part to make and keep them that way with our lawn care and plant care services. Streets surrounded by beautiful properties makes it tempting for any traveler thinking of relocating to consider this area. If you are a home or business owner in this friendly town, we would love to hear from you about how we can improve your lawn, trees, and plants.

Decades after the birth of Clinton County, land was purchased near the city of DeWitt, which eventually became the city of St. Johns. For the city, the location of the land was fortunately around a railroad. This route led to a rapid expansion of commerce, and St. Johns fared so well that it was named the county seat in 1857, and it remains so today. It is a 3.87 square mile area, enveloped by Bingham Township, which means it is surrounded by many acres of farmland. What makes this farmland special in the State of Michigan is not only its ample fertility, but also the fact that it is largely mint. For a small city, St. Johns is fairly densely populated, with 7,865 residents reported as of the 2010 census.
Part of what makes St. Johns an attractive place to live is its safety. The violent crime rate in the city is less than half of the national average. It makes for a large contribution to its image as a friendly small town. 

Its relative denseness does not prevent the city from making room for recreation. There are baseball and soccer fields, one city swimming pool, tennis courts, a hill for tobogganing and sledding, and an ice rink. These are located either in the city’s five smaller parks, or the main city park, which is surrounded by beautiful trees, which look similar to the way those on your property will look if you allow Lawn Tech to take care of them. For educational entertainment, you can witness how apple cider is made at the sole mill in town, Uncle John’s. For those who like adult beverages, a visit to the Fruit House Winery may sound appealing.

Despite its relatively small size, the city of St. Johns has its own independent public school district. It consists of five elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school, along with a school for alternative education.

Though St. Johns has several events throughout the year, by far the most noteworthy is the Mint Festival, which is always held on the second weekend in August. This is because that is when the surrounding mint farms have their annual harvest. The week preceding the festival, there is a Mint Pageant where winners are chosen in three categories – Little Miss Mint, Junior Miss Mint, and Mint Queen. The weekend of the festival features crafts, vendors of various types of goods, and a book sale put on by the library. For entertainment, there is live music, wagon rides through the mint fields, volleyball, as well as live music.

For arts and entertainment, the Wilson Center Auditorium holds several concerts, theater, and comedic acts throughout the year.