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Lawn Tech is proud to extend our services to the eastern side of Ingham County. The city of Williamston has a well-kept history. Their residents also take pride in their well-kept lawns. That is why it benefits them to call on us. For many years now, we have been rendering reliable service for many communities in Clinton and neighboring counties. Lawn Tech looks forward to maintaining our relationship with all of our existing clients in this town, and would love to grow and add you to our roster of consistently happy clients.

Before the days of European migration, it was inhabited by the Saginaw Native American tribe during the summer months of the year. The tribe went to the area that is now Meridian Township for the winter. In the year 1834, the first European settlers arrived in the area and began farming. Along with agriculture, what really jumpstarted the growth of the settlement was milling. At the end of the 1830s, a sawmill, gristmill, and dam were built by James Williams, who had purchased the land from the original settlers. He named the settlement after himself. The new town became a desirable stopping point for people traveling from Lansing to Detroit. Williamston was finally incorporated in 1871 as a village. Its city charter was made in 1945. Today, Williamston has 3,854 residents as of the 2010 census, living within 2.56 square miles, 0.12 of which is water. The water within these borders mainly comes from the portion of the Red Cedar that passes through, bisecting the city east to west.

The public school system of Williamston consists of two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. It serves children in Williamston, along with sections of Wheatfield, Alaiedon, Meridian, Leroy, and Locke Townships.

While milling and farming gave rise to this town, it has since long been transferred into a bedroom community. The bulk of businesses in the downtown area are individually or family owned, similar to Lawn Tech’s outstanding lawn service. There are several restaurants with many types of food, boutiques, and a grocery store.

Two good residential and visitor attractions in Williamston are its two golf courses, Brookshire Restaurant and Golf Course, and Wheatfield Valley. Both are 18-hole courses with beautiful sceneries of trees, water, and lush, thick grass and fairways. Some of this natural scenery can also be replicated on your property with the help of our staff at Lawn Tech.

Williamston makes room for the arts in its relatively small space. The Williamston Theatre puts on a plethora of live acting throughout the year for your enjoyment. 

The city is host to a number of popular annual events. Two large summer events are the Dog Days of Summer, and Artfest on the River. The first, unsurprisingly, revolves around dogs. There is a dog parade, demonstrations such as agility and tricks, and various dog contests. A fundraising and adoption drive is conducted by the Ingham County Animal Shelter during this event. Artfest contains both art vendors and live music entertainment. There are also a number of activities free for kids. The Labor Day Bridge Walk combines education, entertainment, and exercise as the walk through the city is essentially a tour of the historical buildings constructed in the early days of Williamston. Also, the Light Parade is the annual Christmas event held at the beginning of December. The largest event, however, is the week-long Red Cedar Jubilee, geared towards children and families. Opening with a bicycle parade, its activities include a duck race, barbecues, a demolition derby, and ending with a pancake breakfast.