Lawn Services Eagle MI

Lawn Tech is a comprehensive, full-service lawn care provider. That means not only feeding your grass properly, but also warding off threats. Our company’s six-step lawn care program takes care of the feeding, along with the threat of weeds. However, weeds are not the only hazard to the well-being of your turf, some diseases can affect your turf and plants. In that event, we offer treatments that protects plant life as well.

To top it all off, as a leader in lawn service in the Eagle area, we recognize that your yard is not just there to look pretty, but it is also part of your living space. Therefore, to call ourselves the best, we not only have to repel threats to your plants, but also those to humans and pets. One of the most notable of these pests is the mosquito. This four-step lawn spraying service, beginning around Memorial Day, and lasting through the summer, is guaranteed to vastly reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property. This ensures you will be able to have that barbecue with the family without being eaten alive.

Another lawn spraying service that we highly recommend is our perimeter pest control. Yes, this lawn care company will even prevent unwanted little critters from entering your home! This service consists of five visits, where our staff will spray around the perimeter of your home, and we will seek out the common entry points such as crevasses and cracks, and we remember to get your shutters as well. This will keep out common invaders such as ants, spiders, earwigs, and more.

Large trees and shrubs serve you in more ways than their appearance. They provide shade in the summer, and a windbreak in the winter, lowering your heating and cooling bills. Lawn Tech’s tree and shrub program consists of six visits:
●  1st: A dormant oil will be applied to smother eggs, preventing them from hatching, as well as any adults that may have burrowed inside over the winter for hibernation.
●  2nd: A deep root fertilization product is applied, promoting maximum results as the growth becomes more active.
●  3rd, 4th, 5th: Spraying insect, disease, and fungicide treatments to the trees and plants that require it.
●  6th: Deep root fertilization application, providing enough nourishment to prepare for their winter’s dormancy and enable a strong start in     the next year.

Our company is aware of the damage grubs can cause to a lawn. They do not come from above ground, but work their way from underneath, eating the roots of your turf. Large spots and patches of browned out grass are a symptom, as are the presence of moles. Lawn Tech’s grub control program is very thorough. We visit in spring and fall to use a lawn treatment that targets the active grub. In the summer, we concentrate on targeting the eggs, preventing them from hatching, so they are not able to do any damage.

Moles also does a great deal of damage to your lawn. The burrowing of moles leaves unsightly tunnels. Lawn Tech will happily remove your moles with our mole baiting service. This leads in to our lawn rolling service, which will smooth out tunnels as well as any unwanted bumps from other sources.

For property owners in the surrounding area of Eagle, contact us today with any questions. We look forward to serving you.